About Us

Battle Artist

Battle Artist is the NEW and EXCITING way to art-jam.

We are a fun community that host friendly art battles that help motivate and inspire artists to grow.

Battle Artist is kind of like WWE/UFC meets the art world.  “Artistic Fist Fights” if you will.

We realize that motivation is the trigger for inspiration. Getting out of an art block is not always easy. Battle Artist gives artists a place to do exactly that. Our battles are designed to be creatively challenging and are solely for fun. Artists will learn to produce artwork faster and become more punctual at creating artwork within a designated time frame.

At the end of the day, WIN or LOSE. It’s about having fun while growing as an artist. 



Art By= Dart Baston Tournament Theme: Steampunk Disney Villain= Hades (steampunk)


Colors By= Ivanna Mitilla Color Battle= Line Art by =Jeff Stokely

How Battles Work

Art Battle Royale / Color Battle Royale

Art battles are one big BATTLE ROYALE.
To join in a BATTLE ROYALE, simply submit your artwork to Instagram using the specific #hashtag code before the due date.
If you are not a member of Instagram you can submit your work to our featured gallery over at our group on DeviantArt. Remember to still use the #hashtag code provided. Make sure to submit your artwork before the due date.

There is a top 7 place system, with first place becoming the No1 contender for the Heavyweight Championship.

Top 3 entries will be posted on our home page (and social media). And their profiles will be created on our warriors page.

Everyone who places receives points for placing.

Guest judge
The guest judge will select the top 7 images from the Battle Royale.

These selected images will receive points that go towards their league ranking.

Guest judges get= 2pts. (If you can not battle, you can volunteer to judge.)

Heavyweight Championship Perks
When you become the Heavyweight champion you can give yourself a fighters nickname.
eg: Anderson “The Spider” Silva
The title will feature your name on the belt so it is only unique to you.
You may also post the heavyweight championship on your social media accounts to let your followers know who’s the champ.

Point System

Your real opponent is yourself.

1st= 8pts
2nd= 6pts
3rd= 5pts
(TOP 3 Get posted on the main page of our site and shared via our social media.)
4th= 4pts
5th= 3pts
6th= 2pts
7th= 1pt  


HeavyWeight Championship / No1 Contender
1 Vs 1 Heavyweight Championship Battle.

Special Guest Judge= 2pts


Art By= Steven Donegani Art Battle Royale- Theme: Mythology /Character: Raijin (God Of Thunder)
Colors by= Col-Splash Color Battle Royale- Line Art By= Matteo Scalera


Aspire to create.

BA 2020 (Reboot) Season 1 will run for 20 Battles. At the end of the season, if you are in the top 4 Rankings you will win some prizes.

1st = $60usd
2nd= $30usd
3rd= $10usd
4th= 1 month Core subscription

(Prizes will get bigger as we grow as a community. As we attract sponsors the prizes will jackpot.