BA12 Art Battle Royale

BA12 Art Battle Royale STARTOO!


Sorry for our delays. (This battle is only 7 days.) We wanted to do a Halloween theme. So we are doing A Nightmare On Sesame St. Take any Sesame St character and make them look NIGHTMARISH. 

(Any questions, hit us up on our social network channels.) 

Theme: Halloween

Subject:  A Nightmare On Sesame St (Nightmarish Sesame St characters) 

Due Date:  October 31st 2020  (23:59)




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BA12 Elyzius Vs Shoze

Art Battle Royale Championship

Bring it on!

Who will win?

 Elyzius Vs Shoze

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BA12 Art Battle Royale

Gallery below. (Use #hashtag code when submitting to Instagram to enter.) Submit your entry before the due date.

BA12Art Battle Royale
ABR Heavyweight Championship


Theme: Halloween
Subject: A Nightmare On Sesame St. (create nightmarish Sesame St characters.)

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